Common Questions Regarding the Visa and Travelling to Bulgaria UK ONLY

The UK is on Bulgaria’s Red List, what does that mean for my travels to Bulgaria?

At the moment UK citizens are not allowed to enter Bulgaria unless they have a residence permit or an acceptance letter from the university. It is not clear what changes in the rules will come into play when it is time to travel to Bulgaria. There is no way of knowing if the government will ease these rules or not.

What if the rules are not eased by the time we need to travel, will I miss my start date?

We are in constant communication with the university and will inform you if there are any changes in the start date due to the immigration issues at present. You should be able to travel as you will receive your acceptance letter by the time you need to go to Bulgaria.

Do I need to be vaccinated to Travel to Bulgaria?

Bulgaria will now require eligible travellers (those that are long term residents, Bulgarian citizens or students with acceptance letters into the country provided they have a negative PCR test AND proof of vaccination). We are recommending our students get their vaccinations sorted as soon as possible! If you are not vaccinated, you must quarantine for 10 days.

Do I need a visa, I am a UK citizen?

Since Brexit has taken the UK out of the EU, a visa is now required to enter Bulgaria or any other country in the European Union for the purposes of study. This is known as Visa Type D.

For the purposes of tourism, a visa is not currently required, however, there is a maximum limit of 90 days a person is allowed to stay in Bulgaria without a visa. This is for all travellers, including parents and those that are not students.

Will my parents need a visa to travel to Bulgaria?

Your parents or anybody that wishes to travel with you for up to 90 days will not require a visa to travel. They can travel as a tourist, but they cannot stay more than 90 days. At the moment only one parent can travel with the student.

How do I apply for my visa?

To apply for a Visa Type D, you must have the acceptance letter issued by the Ministry of Education in Bulgaria before you submit your application to the Bulgarian Embassy in London. This letter can take up to 2 months in the busy summer period after your documents are all submitted to the university.

Alongside this letter, there are some additional requirements such as the ACRO certificate and travel insurance to name a few. All details will be provided by the MedConnect admissions team. Please read the email carefully as it contains all the details.

What is the acceptance letter and what does it mean for my application?

The acceptance letter is a document issued by the ministry of education that basically confirms that you have applied to study in Bulgaria and are eligible for a visa type D. Although it is called an acceptance letter, it makes no difference to your application and whether you will be accepted into the university or not. We will find out if you have been accepted after the entrance exam through the rankings.

An acceptance letter signed by the university can be used to enter the country whilst you wait for the one from the Ministry of Education.

I have been waiting for some time now, why has my acceptance letter not been issued?

Please remember firstly that the Ministry of Education does not provide any updates. We cannot do anything but wait until it is issued and sent to us. At which point we will inform our students immediately.

There is no way of speeding up the process of receiving the acceptance letter.

What is the travel insurance and why do I need it?

Travel insurance is a requirement by the Bulgarian embassy for applying for a visa. Please note that this is completely different from the GHIC and you MUST still have travel Insurance regardless to apply for the visa.
You can find a host of travel insurers by doing a simple google search. Please note that if you have any questions about this, you need to contact the travel insurers directly or the Bulgarian embassy.

I have a specific question regarding my circumstances and the visa, who can I ask?

Whilst we do provide guidance regarding the visa application, it is important to note that we are not visa specialists. If you have a specific enquiry regarding your personal circumstances or want further details into the process, please contact the Bulgarian Embassy in London via email:

Can I apply for my visa in Bulgaria rather than in the UK?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. A person must apply for a visa in the country where they have citizenship or residency rights.

Whilst applying for my GHIC/EHIC card, do I apply for the student version card or the standard one?

Until you are enrolled at a university, you will not meet the requirements to apply for the student GHIC card.

Hence, for now, you must apply for a normal one. You can only apply for a student GHIC later on once you are a student at the university.

Do I need to register with a GP in Bulgaria?

You don’t need to register with a GP but if you want to, more information will be provided about this when you get to Bulgaria.