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Why Study Medicine In Europe?

Many of the top medical universities in the world are found in Europe: the home of modern medicine. It is no surprise that every year hundreds of UK students are making the decision to study medicine in Europe, at our partner universities. As a result of the significantly lower tuition fees, and reduced entry requirements, studying medicine in Europe has become increasingly more appealing to students in the UK.

Degrees from our partner universities are globally recognised and graduates can work anywhere in Europe or other parts of the world including the UK, USA, Middle East and more. Our specialists provide transitioning back home or the country our graduates wish to start their careers including guidance with GMC registration. 

Our graduates attain a Masters Level (MD) in medicine, whilst in the UK you would only graduate with a Bachelors degree. Therefore allowing our graduates to apply directly to an FY2 position, as opposed to in the UK, where graduates are expected to complete an additional Foundation Year 1 (FY1). 

Through studying in Europe, our partner universities offer the most hands-on experience possible, right from the start. From the first year, our universities teach anatomy using actual cadavers, which is undoubtedly more effective than attempting to learn the intricate functional and morphological aspects of the human body through a textbook. 

The benefits of studying in Europe are numerous, actualising your dreams by studying medicine are just the tip of the iceberg. With studying abroad comes the opportunity to travel, to immerse yourself in new languages and enrich yourself in cultures previously unknown to you. 

Start your journey with MedConnect Europe today and let us connect you to your potential!

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