Phase IV: Alumni Support

Team MedConnect Europe comprises of both current medical students and doctors who have already graduated and are working in the UK. We have experience with the British healthcare system because we are a part of it ourselves. We help and guide our students based on current guidelines and teach them how to avoid key mistakes when sending applications in order to start working as doctors and dentists.

Our alumni support is unmatched!

MedConnect Europe provides alumni services that will help you start your career as a doctor or dentist

Once you are nearing the end of your degree, it will be time for you to think about relocating back to your home country. If you are looking to work in the UK then there are many ways we can help you.

We have extensive experience dealing with GMC and GDC registration and we can help you with the process. Alongside the registration process, our team is able to help with CV preparation and interview skills to make sure you land the best job opportunities.

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Our Alumni Services:

GMC/GDC Registration

Help and guidance with the whole process to obtain your medical or dental license.

CV Preparation and Guidance

Our team will help you prepare the best CV to showcase your achievements and make you stand out of the crowd when applying for jobs.

FY1/FY2 Application Support

Our team specialises in helping doctors and dentists apply for foundation training through various different routes.

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