Study Medicine in Germany In English

Most universities in Western Europe do not teach medicine in English but instead only in their home language. Therefore, studying medicine in Germany in English is an extremely attractive option. Universities in Germany rank amongst the highest throughout the world and provide an internationally renowned learning experience.

Germany as a country that requires no introduction. It is one of the most well-known country in Western Europe with over 2 millennia of history. Germany is very popular for work, education, and tourism. According to an OECD report in 2014, Germany is the world's third leading destination for international study.

Study medicine in Germany in English

Medical Universities in Germany

Why Study Medicine In Germany?

There are many reasons to choose to study medicine in Germany. German medical universities offer high-quality education to students that wish to study medicine abroad; other reasons include:

  • State of the art clinical experience in hospitals
  • English taught courses recognised in the EU and the UK
  • Over 350,000 international students study in Germany
  • World class education renowned globally
  • Experience living in and exploring Germany whilst you study

Study Medicine In Germany - FAQs

Although studying in Germany can be free, to get world class medical education in English we recommend studying at University Of Targu Mures Medical Campus Hamburg (UMCH).

The tuition fees for this university starts at €25,000 per year.

Students also have the option to transfer to Romania after the 2nd year and if so, the fees are reduced to €6,000 per year.

We believe one of the best universities that you can study at in Germany is the University Of Targu Mures Medical Campus Hamburg (UMCH).

Germany is one of the world’s major academic hubs for international students and therefore very safe for students from all over the world! It is home to worldwide ranked universities, and their globally valued degrees promise high employability and a unique student experience.

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