Study Dentistry In Europe In English

Why Study Dentistry In Europe?

Many of the top dental schools in the world are found in Europe: the home of modern medicine. It is no surprise that every year hundreds of UK students are making the decision to study dentistry in Europe, at our partner universities. As a result of the significantly lower tuition fees, and reduced entry requirements, studying  dentistry in Europe has become increasingly more appealing to students in the UK.

Students now have the ability to study in Europe and practice in the UK without any obstacles. Our graduates attain a Masters Level in dental medicine, whilst in the UK you would only graduate with a Bachelors degree. Making it a step up from the universities in the UK.

Through studying in Europe, our partner universities offer the most hands-on experience possible, right from the start and provide more clinical experience than you would find elsewhere.

The benefits of studying in Europe are numerous, actualising your dreams by studying dentistry are just the tip of the iceberg. With studying abroad comes the opportunity to travel, to immerse yourself in new languages and enrich yourself in cultures previously unknown to you.

So start your journey with MedConnect Europe today, and let us connect you to your potential!

Dental Degree Structure In Europe

FAQs About Studying Dentistry In Europe

There are many countries all around Europe that offer dentistry as a course in English. Many of these countries offer lower grade requirements than the UK or Western European countries. We recommend applying to universities in Bulgaria, Romania or Armenia for dentistry as they provide the best quality education at an affordable price.

The tuition fee costs can vary depending on the university of choice. Some universities such as those in Bulgaria charge 8,000 EUR whereas in Romania it is cheaper to study dentistry and only costs 5,000 EUR per year. Tuition fees in Latvia are higher at 14,000 EUR but the quality of education is also superior to other universities.

Majority of the dentistry courses taught in Europe last 6 years long. This is if you are starting as an undergraduate. If you are looking to study dentistry in an accelerated programme, it can become as short as only 3 or 4 years long depending on your past qualifications.

Yes! There are thousands of students from the UK studying dentistry in Europe at our partner universities. Plovdiv Medical University is one of the most popular choices for students looking to study dentistry in Europe in English.

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