Study Medicine in Bulgaria In English

Where MedConnect Europe began and home to 5 different medical and dental universities currently training over 3,000 international students from all over the world. Study medicine in Bulgaria and achieve your dream career. Medical universities in Bulgaria have a high standard of education and very popular with international students.

Bulgaria is a Balkan nation with diverse terrain encompassing Black Sea coastline, a mountainous interior and rivers. A cultural melting pot with Greek, Slavic, Ottoman, and Persian influences, it has a rich heritage of traditional dance, music, costumes, and crafts. At the foot of domed Vitosha mountain is its capital city, Sofia, dating to the 5th century B.C.

study medicine in Bulgaria

Medical Universities in Bulgaria

Why Study Medicine In Bulgaria?

There are many reasons to choose to study medicine in Bulgaria. Bulgarian medical universities offer high-quality education to students that wish to study medicine abroad; other reasons include:

  • Thousands of international students already studying in Bulgaria 
  • Affordable tuition fees and low living costs 
  • English taught courses recognised in the EU and the UK 
  • Established student organisations to support international students 
  • Situated between Greece and Turkey for great weekend trips

FAQs About Bulgaria

The annual tuition fee at Bulgarian medical schools’ range between €7,000 to €8000 depending on the university of choice. There are five different medical schools in Bulgaria that teach in English. Each university charges the tuition fees in two instalments, the first paid in September and the second instalment is paid in February each year. Tuition fees charged by Bulgarian medical universities are low compared to many other countries!

Plovdiv Medical University is by far the most popular amongst international students, especially from the UK. Apart from Plovdiv Medical University, there is also Sofia Medical University, Varna Medical University, Pleven Medical University and Trakia Medical University. In terms of academia, the universities are similar however it is the social life in the different cities that make each unique in their own respects.

Absolutely not! Bulgaria is a very safe country with low crime rates and no military conflicts. Bulgaria is part of the European Union so travelling to Bulgaria is not a problem for European citizens. The locals are very friendly towards foreigners. With over 3,000 international medical students studying in Bulgaria, it is no surprise that it is a safe place to be.

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