Phase II: Relocation & Ongoing Support

We provide the BEST ongoing support to all our clients and always go the extra mile by reinvesting our profits into YOUR medical education! Our student support system starts with our student representatives who are always on call if you need any help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our ongoing support lasts throughout the entire course so you never need to worry about being alone. We regularly collaborate with other organisations to aid our students with the studies and to help build their CVs and clinical skills.

Information And Networking Night

One of our support services to help students study medicine and dentistry abroad.

A MedConnect exclusive event we hold at the start of each academic year to introduce our students to the course and to get tips and advice from students in the older years. This event is well received because it gives an insight into university life and what students are to expect during their course. Students also get a chance to meet one another and make new friends in the process.

NO OTHER AGENCY will provide such a service and our support is there from the get go for all our students!

British Medical Careers Conference

MedConnect Europe pioneers in providing quality student support. This is why we are the ONLY agency to bring UK healthcare organisations to Bulgaria to speak to our students about the process of finding jobs and recognition of their qualifications.
Last year we brought representatives from the GMC, Health Education England and Barts & London Academic Societies.

Our Support Services:

Help With Accommodation

You will have a handful of apartments to choose from when you are moving to your chosen university to start your studies.

Local Residency Application

You must apply for long term residency when you move abroad. We will help and guide you through this process until you receive your local residency ID card.

Support with Setting Up

We will help you find the right companies to purchase your sim contracts and internet services depending on your needs.

MedConnect Handbook

Our survival guide contains all the information you need such as local shops, restaurants and anything you may need during your course. It also includes maps of the university and city as well as bus routes and taxi numbers.

Local Contact Information

You will receive the contact information of local emergency services as well as your very own dedicated student representative to help you with anything you need. 

Textbooks & Resources

Over £1,000 worth of textbooks and study notes from top students in the older years all packed in a USB stick for you once you get admission in your chosen university.

Student Networking

Student networking events to make sure you never feel alone and can meet like minded individuals during your studies whether they be in your own year or from the years above.

Mentoring and Support

A devoted student representative will be available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

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