Our New MedConnect Academy!

We are proud to announce our all new MedConnect Academy, a non-profit educational branch of MedConnect Europe. MedConnect Academy is registered as a community interest company (CIC) in the United Kingdom that aims to provide educational events for medical students abroad to prepare them for working in the NHS today.

Our vision for the new academy is to bridge the gap between British medical students studying at our partner universities and the NHS that many students hope to return to in order to build their medical careers. To reach our goal we will be working with organisations and doctors in the UK that share this vision with us.

MedConnect Academy is a non-profit branch of our company and so profits made will be reinvested into providing more educational opportunities for our students.

Our board of trustees will be appointed and announced soon!

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday 21 March – British Medical Careers Conference 2020: Getting ready for working in the National Health Service

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