Plovdiv Medical University Acceptance Letters 2021

Plovdiv Medical University has successfully conducted its July 2021 entrance exam session closing the opportunity to receive a conditional acceptance letter from the university itself.

We are pleased to announce that over 30 of our applicants have achieved excellent results that are required (scoring over 90%) to receive the conditional acceptance letter provided by Plovdiv Medical University. The majority of the rest of our students scored over 80% as promised by our services.

Those that receive the conditional acceptance letter have a reserved space at the university provided they submit their documents in time. We take care of the documents of our students anyway, so our students have nothing to worry about. The students that have this offer can now start preparing to start their course in September without having to wait for the rankings.

Here are a few reasons why our students always achieve the best scores in the entrance exam:

  • Our exclusive revision guides in Biology and Chemistry are written specifically for the entrance exam at Plovdiv Medical University. These guides contain very detailed and specific information on the syllabus content of the university and thus, students don’t need to do any outside work to revise for the exam.
  • Our exclusive revision videos. We know that some students prefer watching videos over reading books. Therefore, we have carefully curated videos that focus solely on the syllabus of the university. Studying from these videos guarantees full coverage of the syllabus content.
  • Our online crash courses we organise prior to every entrance exam. These courses go through all the content required for the exam and serve as an opportunity to speak to other exceptional students who have done well in the exams and seek some tips and advice from them.
  • Our mock exams provide students with an opportunity to test themselves and simulate the actual Plovdiv Medical University entrance exam. These mock exams can give our students an idea of how prepared they are for the exam. We also run drop-in sessions where we go through all the questions in the mock exams and teach you how to answer various types of questions you may encounter in the exam.
  • Finally, and most importantly our online 24/7 admissions support where students get to chat and ask any academic questions they have about the exam! Our specialist admissions experts are always there to provide support, guidance and most importantly provide reassurance when you need it the most.

There are two more entrance exam dates left of the current admission session for 2021/2022 entry. The next exams will take place on the 31st of August 2021 and 8th September 2021. The spaces for these entry tests are capped and will be given on a first come first serve basis.

Although the opportunity to receive a conditional acceptance letter has now ended, there is still time to secure a place at the university through our help. Contact us today and start the application process as soon as possible to book your seat for the exam before spaces are full!

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