Sofia Medical University Entrance Exam

Sofia Medical University Entrance Exam Dates 2023

We are proud to announce the Sofia Medical University entrance exam dates for applicants interested in studying medicine and dentistry. Today, we answer some very common questions from a lot of applicants who are interested in studying medicine or dentistry at Sofia Medical University.

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Here are some of the reasons why you can expect to be on this list if you apply through MedConnect:

  • An exclusive textbook written and edited by real doctors based SOLELY on the syllabus of Sofia Medical University. These textbooks have been written specifically for students taking the Sofia Medical University entrance exam and contain all the knowledge and information you need in just the right amount. As the textbook was written by MedConnect Europe specifically, for this reason, you don’t need to worry about reading other textbooks containing superfluous information that you don’t need for the exam.
  • An exclusive bank of questions with explanations to each answer. We highly recommend you go through the explanations for each question so that you can actually understand the reasoning behind the question. By doing this, no matter how the question is phrased in the exam, you will be able to answer it. Smart right?
  • Our tutors here at MedConnect Europe organise an entrance exam crash course, specific for Sofia Medical University. We will go through all the new content you need to know for the exam and also revise the rest of the content in the syllabus. During the course, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have encountered but found difficult or want some clarification on. There will also be an opportunity to speak to a student who has done the exam previously and scored very high marks. This detailed crash course is one you do not want to miss if you are aiming for high grades in the exam!
  • Do you have reading books and prefer watching videos instead? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. The tutors have compiled videos on every part of the syllabus to help you with the exam. So if you prefer to watch videos or just want to cement your knowledge, the videos are for you!

When Will The Sofia Medical University Entrance Exam Take Place?

For EU students, the Sofia Medical University entrance exam date is Wednesday 20th September 2023 and for Non-EU and UK students, it is Friday 6th October 2023.

Where will Sofia Medical University Entrance Exam Take Place?

The Sofia Medical University entrance exam may either take place in Bulgaria at the university campus or online. It is not confirmed yet. If it is in person you must travel to Sofia to sit for the entrance exam. As part of MedConnect Europe’s exclusive package, all our students will be met at Sofia Airport by a MedConnect representative.

After the meeting, you will be transported to the hotel where you will meet with the MedConnect team and the rest of the students. The transportation cost is fully covered by us and we will also offer you a completely free stay at an exclusive hotel with breakfast which is just a 5-minute walk from the university.

What Is The Structure Of The Sofia Medical University Entrance Exam?

This year, the Sofia Medical University entrance exam will consist of a test in Biology, Chemistry and English Language. The chemistry entry test will consist of 15 questions which include:

-10 multiple-choice questions: Each question has 4 options and only one correct answer.
-2 matching questions: Here you are expected to pair items in one column to items in another column.
-2 True/False Questions
-1 Fill in the Blank Question: Here you are expected to provide a missing word(s) in a phrase or sentence.

The Biology entry test will also follow a similar format. The English exam consists of short text which you will read and answer questions on.

How Long Is The Sofia Medical University Entrance Exam?

The total duration of the Sofia Medical University entrance exam is 2 hours. Most of our applicants are able to finish well in advance, with plenty of time left to spare as a result of the extensive support we provide to get them well prepared for the exam.

Is There A Syllabus For The Sofia Medical University Entrance Exam?

Yes, Sofia Medical University provides a syllabus for the entrance exam. We provide this list to all students so they know exactly what they need to study for.

Is The Sofia Medical University Entrance Exam Based On A-Levels?

This is a very tricky question, and though it may surprise you, the answer is NO.

Although the exam will consist of a lot of topics that you are expected to have covered at A-level or during your BTEC or high school, the university still tests you on some content that is beyond the scope of A-level. These questions are mostly centred around the human body and processes relating to the body. After all, you are coming to study medicine or dentistry in Europe so you are expected to have some knowledge of how the body functions. You do not need to worry though! As mentioned our crash courses will have you covered!

When Will The Sofia Medical University Entrance Exam Results Be Released?

The result will be released after 3 days of sitting the Sofia Medical University entrance exam.

I would Like To View Some Apartments After The Sofia Entrance Exam. Is That Possible?

Yes of course! We take all our students on a tour of the university and have our very own partner estate agents who are the best in Sofia and will show you all available apartments in Sofia. As part of our package, you will also be given priority access to available apartments in the city which are very close to Sofia Medical University.

Can MedConnect Guarantee That I Will Pass The Entrance Exam?

Truth be told, we have never had ANY student fail the exam and if this blog is not enough to convince you that you have the best chance of passing the exam ONLY through MedConnect Europe, then we don’t know what else will!

Our very friendly tutors are there to help you 24/7 if you need any support. You can chat with them and arrange extra one-to-one private lessons with them at no additional cost! So if at any point you are stuck with any topic or concept, they will be there to make sure they break it down in the simplest way possible!

So there you have it! If you have any more burning questions or would like to apply, simply feel free to contact us on +442081900310 or email us at

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