Plovdiv Entrance Exam Results! 25th June 2019

Our students sharing how they felt after the exam!

On Tuesday 25th June 2019, we took our first batch of students to Plovdiv to sit the entrance exam. All the students who sat the exam successfully scored above 80% with 95% of the students scoring over 90%.

This is due to the extensive resources that MedConnect Europe provides it’s applicants guaranteeing them a pass of at least 80% in the entrance exam. These resources have been compiled by Medical students who have been through the application process themselves as well as professors from the university itself.

The results of some outstanding students are below (out of 6.0):
Elizabeth Shamsee: Biology – 6.00 ; Chemistry – 6:00 (Total – 100%)
Mehran Saleem: Biology – 5.70 ; Chemistry – 6.00 (Total – 97.5%)
Hassan Mukhtar: Biology – 6.00; Chemistry – 5.10 (Total – 92.5%)
Sanah Nadeem: Biology – 6.00; Chemistry – 5.40 (Total – 95.0%)

So what are you waiting for? If you want to apply to study medicine in Europe, look no further than MedConnect Europe to connect you to your potential!

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