Top 5 Apps for Medical Students in Georgia

This article provides an overview of five essential apps for medical students studying in Georgia. The apps include food delivery services, ride-hailing apps, apps for overcoming language barriers and for discovering local activities.

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Studying abroad is an exciting, yet challenging, experience. This is particularly true when it comes to navigating a new city and adjusting to a different culture. Thankfully, technology has made this transition much easier. Mobile applications are incredibly useful tools for students studying abroad. They can help with everything from finding your way around a new city, to understanding the local language and customs, and even managing your studies. For medical students, in particular, certain apps can provide invaluable resources for learning and practicing skills. In this article, we will explore five specific apps that are a must-have if you’re going to study medicine in Georgia.

Food Delivery Apps

Among the most helpful apps for students studying abroad are food delivery apps. In Georgia, two popular options are Glovo and Wolt. These apps allow you to order food from a wide range of restaurants and have it delivered directly to your doorstep. This can be incredibly convenient, especially during busy study periods when you might not have time to cook or go out to eat. Both Glovo and Wolt have user-friendly interfaces and offer a broad selection of cuisines, making it easy to find something to suit your tastes or dietary needs.

Taxi Apps

In Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, students have the advantage of utilizing various ride-hailing applications like Uber, Bolt, and Yandex. These applications have revolutionized the way people commute in the city, offering a reliable and convenient mode of transportation. Yandex, in particular, has gained immense popularity among students. It stands out for its quick response times, often proving to be faster than other available options. Besides its efficiency, Yandex is also known for its cost-effectiveness, generally offering rides at cheaper rates. This makes it a preferred choice for students who are often budget-conscious. With these ride-hailing apps, students can easily navigate their way around the city, whether they’re rushing to classes, heading to a study group, or exploring Tbilisi in their free time.


Google Translate is also an indispensable tool for communication, especially for those unfamiliar with the local language. This application can translate text, spoken words, and even text in images from Georgian to your native language. Its voice recognition feature is particularly useful in real-time conversations. Simply speak into the microphone, and the app will translate your words into Georgian. Similarly, if you’re struggling to understand written text – perhaps on a sign or a menu – you can use the app’s camera feature to scan the text and receive an instant translation. This can significantly enhance your understanding and engagement with the local culture.


Get Your Guide is an excellent tool for medical students in Georgia who are looking to explore their surroundings and engage in local activities. This app provides a broad range of tours, attractions, and experiences in various cities around the world, including Tbilisi. Whether you’re interested in historical tours, food and wine tastings, or outdoor adventures, Get Your Guide has something for everyone. The app allows you to browse and book experiences conveniently from your phone, making it easier than ever to plan and enjoy your free time. Furthermore, all the information about the activity, including meeting points, start times, and any necessary items to bring, are provided in the app, ensuring you’re fully prepared for your adventure.


TKT.GE is a go-to app for entertainment purposes in Georgia. This platform provides a comprehensive overview of various events happening in and around the area, including concerts, theatre performances, film screenings, and more. It allows you to browse through the different events, find detailed information, and even book tickets directly through the app. This makes it very convenient for students to stay updated with local happenings and plan their social calendar accordingly. The app is user-friendly, and tickets purchased through TKT.GE are often cheaper than at the box office, making it a popular choice among students.


In conclusion, studying medicine in Georgia can be made significantly easier with the help of these five apps. From ensuring convenient meals and reliable transportation to assisting with language barriers, providing engaging activities, and keeping up with local events, these apps can greatly enhance the student experience. As technology continues to evolve, it’s essential for students to leverage such tools to make the most of their studies and life abroad.

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