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7 MUST HAVE Services from a Study Medicine in Europe Agency

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Our Story Explains It All

You may have decided you want to study medicine in Europe and started searching on google about how you can go about completing the application process. To your surprise (or not), you come across a ton of agencies advertising their services and how they can help you throughout the entire application process and more.

We were in the same boat once and understand how difficult this process can be for young students and their parents. We signed up through our different agencies only to be disappointed by every single one of them. There was no support and we were charged extortionate prices for the false promises these companies had made us. Out of our frustration for such a dirty industry, we decided to form our own company that will be different. After all, we know what it is like to be lied to and we wouldn’t want that for anybody else!

We want to go the extra mile and here are 7 services that we offer proving us to be the best study medicine in Europe agency:

1. Our Exclusive Entrance Exam Material

Every agency claims they will provide resources to help with the entrance exam but what exactly do others provide and how are we different?

Well for starters, each university that holds an entrance exam provides practice questions either on their website or to purchase from their bookstore. Many leading agencies will just flog the same material and claim it as their own resource. You shouldn’t be paying for material the university provides freely to all students anyway.

We don’t just provide the question bank released by the university but have created tailored resources based around the syllabus and the practise papers. We have also collected the past papers of the exams for the previous years to give our students better guidance about the exam.

When completing the practice papers, you may be struggling to understand how to derive the answers to the questions. As many agencies are just money-making companies and don’t have any experience in medicine itself, they most likely won’t be able to help you when you get stuck. Luckily for us, that isn’t the case. We have written explanations for every question in the practice papers to help your understanding of the material.

Of course, if you’re still not satisfied, you can always give us a shout and our dedicated admissions team will be able to help you out as we have years of experience helping students consistently achieve grades as high as 100% in the entrance exam! Not to mention, we have done the exam ourselves.

In order to help our students, learn the syllabus, we have developed specific textbooks for the Bulgarian medical university entrance exams. These textbooks are exclusive for MedConnect Europe students applying to study medicine in Bulgaria. Each chapter in the textbook discusses the relevant information you need to learn the syllabus inside out and ace the exam. As competition for studying medicine abroad is increasing every year, our revision guides for chemistry and biology are the perfect resource to have the edge above everybody else!

Our online portal contains all the above and more. We even have a compilation of videos that you can watch to help with the entrance exam revision. We know, it sounds too good to be true. You can book yourself in for a demo of our portal without paying a penny and see for yourself!

Book Your Demo Today

2. Legalization and Translation

documents needed to study medicine in europe

In order to process your documents, you will need your documents to go through a legal process called legalization. It can be a confusing and costly process as you must get involved with a Notary Public and the Foreign Commonwealth Office. The importance of this process is so when you hand in your documents, the university in Bulgaria or anywhere else in Europe will have the ease of mind that your documents are not forged and are true copies of the original.

You also need to get the documents translated to the language of the country you are applying to study medicine. Translators in the UK can take advantage of the fact that there aren’t as many of them and so end up charging very high prices for this service.

Student recruitment agencies based in the UK can take advantage of this by charging exorbitant prices or if they are not based in the UK, they will ask you to do it yourself.

The average cost of notarization is roughly £80 per document followed by an additional cost of £50 per document to get the apostille from the FCO. Since a standard application requires around 5 documents or more, you will be looking to spend at least £650 and that doesn’t even include the translation costs (or postage fees!).

A scheme used by a lot of these study medicine in Europe agencies is to tell you that the cost isn’t a lot to get you to commit to them and once that is done, you will then have to pay a lot of money to get this service done yourself.

We don’t do that at all. Our legalization and translation services are included in our affordable package as we provide these services by our in-house legal team, which contain expert lawyers, solicitors as well as translators. Again, we are the only agency to have this and thus can provide a unique service to our students.

We have experienced disappointed students informing us that their documents were misplaced by their study medicine in Europe agency due to the lack of care and attention. We have very strict processes in place to ensure that your documents are processed as quickly and as efficiently as possible and, in most cases, your original documents stay with you throughout the application process – that way even you are 100% confident in the safety of your documents.

3. Textbooks worth over £1,000 + Kenhub Membership worth over £100

Once you’ve passed the entrance exam and we have given you a call with the good news to get ready to start your journey to become a doctor or a dentist, you will need to start buying books!

As medical students and doctors ourselves, we know exactly what you need to start your journey.

Traditional textbooks are becoming more and more outdated with new online resources that are far more interactive and easier to learn most medical-related topics. Bearing this in mind, we have been working with Kenhub, an online platform for learning anatomy and histology. Their extensive library of video tutorials, detailed illustrations, and question banks is essential to learn anatomy when you start medical school. The premium version can cost over £100 but is free with our package!

On top of that, we also provide online versions of all the textbooks you will need throughout medical school alongside the lectures and essays of the topics you will learn from top-performing students from the previous years. We study there ourselves, nobody knows how to ace these exams better than us!

4. Welcome Events To Ease Your Transition

tour of plovdiv for students studying medicine in europe

Relocating to a new country all on your own at ages as young as 18 can be very frightening. Being surrounded by completely new people in a new environment can take time getting used to and is usually very anxiety driven. Our goal is to minimize the fear that comes along with this process. To help ease your transition to the country where you will be studying medicine, we organise special events during the first few weeks.

We firstly organise a city tour led by current students who will show you all the important locations and local spots where students hang out. We go through the town centre, university campus and the shops and malls where you can shop for all your essentials.

This is followed by an information evening where a panel of current students go through everything you need to know about your course. The modules you will be studying, the exam structure and everything in between. We also invite the university societies and groups to provide insight into their activities. For example, MedConnect Europe is the official sponsor for the Plovdiv Medical University Cricket League.

Finally, we create a safe space for students to meet each other through our MedConnect Social. Students use this event to play ice breaker games and enjoy a relaxed party atmosphere! We also use this event to provide all our students with the textbook resources and a MedConnect lab coat that they can use in their lessons!

5. 24/7 Support + Mentoring Throughout Your Degree

Did I mention that we are medical students and doctors ourselves? Well in case I forgot, let me just remind you that we are not just any ordinary recruitment agents. We don’t just leave you in a foreign country to fend for yourself on your own.

As we are always on the ground, the support you will receive with us is impossible to find elsewhere. Once you successfully gain your place to study medicine abroad, you will be given the number of a dedicated representative who will always be available to help you with any problems or answer any questions.

We have had students ask us questions about their subjects, to help them move furniture around, and much more. As an agency that is formed by students for the students, we are always happy to help no matter what the situation!

6. Guidance For Working In The NHS

Let’s be honest, your objective is to become a doctor or dentist and return back to your home country to build your career. For us, that home is the UK and we work hard lobbying for more opportunities for those studying abroad. To provide information and guidance on this, we hold our annual British Medical Careers Conference every year through our non-profit MedConnect Academy. Inviting members from leading British organizations to talk about what the process is like to return to the UK and the skills you will need to become successful doctors in the UK.

We are proud to be the first and only organization to hold these events and support students studying medicine in Europe!

7. Support After Graduation

doctor who studied medicine abroad in europe

After 6 long years of studying hard and finally achieving your dream of becoming a doctor or a dentist, you will be looking for support to return home and register to start work as soon as possible. Our dedicated post-graduation team consisting of doctors who have been through the process themselves will help you with this process. From helping you with your CV and interview to registering with the GMC or GDC to obtain your medical license, we have it all covered.

Our dedicated team also has knowledge about the various routes available to overseas graduates such as the WAST programme or the Doctors Gateway programme. We will help you to the best of our ability to kick start your career and help you choose the right programme for you!

Contact Us Now, What Are You Waiting For?

It’s safe to say, we don’t just talk the talk. We are here to help you achieve your goals to become successful doctors and dentists in the UK. We know what you need and can provide the best support throughout your medical journey.

Our friendly team of admissions advisors is always ready to listen to your queries and to get you started. Contact us as soon as possible to get your place this year and take advantage of our services!

Call us on 020 8190 0310 or email us at info@medconnecteurope.co.uk for more information!

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