Crash Course for Plovdiv Medical University Entrance Exam 2020

MedConnect Europe Ltd is proud to announce our first crash course for students applying to sit the entrance exam for Plovdiv Medical University. We will be holding our crash course on the 20th of June 2020. This will be just in time for the first entrance exam date.

Another crash course will be held on the 10th of July 2020 for the July entrance exam!

Our students from the June exam have already received their conditional acceptance letters! Read all about it here!

Our students will have a chance to run through important topics, practice questions and the exam structure to maximise their chances at scoring high marks!

We will also have some of our past students present who scored over 97% in the exam. They will be providing tips and advice on how to ace the exam.

Plovdiv Medical University is allowing students that receive above 90% in the June and July entrance exam to receive conditional acceptance letters. This means if the student meets the other entry requirements, they will have a guaranteed space at the university without having to rank with other students.

We are always here to help!

At MedConnect Europe, are doing everything we can to ensure our students are working towards getting top grades in the entrance exam. Through the years we have a proven track record of our students receiving grades as high as 100% in the Plovdiv entrance exam. Our objective is to get as many student’s conditional acceptance as we possibly can!

Our success comes from our resources that include specialised textbooks for the exam developed by our in-house team. We also provide past papers, explanations and videos that can help with the learning. We are now also holding an online crash course to further consolidate the learning process.

Our students will also have the opportunity to ask any questions they have to put their minds to ease.

Are you are looking to sit the exam this year and require our assistance? Please get in touch with us immediately!

FAQs about the Plovdiv Medical University Entrance Exam

How long will the Plovdiv Medical University entrance exam last?

The entrance exam is usually 2 hours long and consists of two papers, one for biology and one for chemistry.

Am I allowed a periodic table and calculator in the Plovdiv Medical University entrance exam?

This is a question we are asked a lot! You will not require and will not be allowed to use a periodic table or calculator in the exam. Students have not had an issue with this in the past either.

Do I have to travel to Bulgaria to sit the exam in 2020?

This year the exam is being held online and you will not have to travel to Bulgaria to sit the exam.

I haven’t completed my A levels yet, can I still sit the Plovdiv Medical University entrance exam?

Yes! You can sit the entrance exam before receiving your A Level grades and we will be able to process your application without any problems. It is best to apply early in order to maximise your chances at acceptance.

What if I don’t do well, can I retake the Plovdiv Medical University entrance exam?

Absolutely! You have the opportunity to use one of the later sittings as a retake attempt. However you will need to pay the entrance exam fee again.

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