Conditional Acceptance Letters From Plovdiv MU

If you are thinking about applying to Plovdiv Medical University, you would have thought about your chances of getting a place to study medicine abroad in Plovdiv this year. Every year more and more students are opting to study abroad which means competition is increasing as we go along. So, the question is, how can we help make sure you have the maximum chances of securing your admission?

To begin answering this question, it’s important to point out that one of the key components of the application process is the entrance exam. Your application will weigh heavily on the exam so its important you have the right guidance and preparation material for this exam.

How can you be sure our guidance is better than any other agency?

The proof is in the pudding! Our applicants that sat the June 2020 exam have all received conditional acceptance letters from the university due to scoring exceptionally high on the entrance exam!

Plovdiv Medical University states:

“The applicants who achieve excellent marks (not less 5.50 according to the six-grade system) both in Biology and in Chemistry entrance tests (on the exam dates before the end of July) will receive Conditional Acceptance Letters and after meeting the conditional requirements at the final ranking will be included in the list of the admitted students.”

This 5.50 mark can be calculated as roughly 90% as the total mark of the exam paper.

We are immensely proud of our students who now have a confirmed space. This offer is only subject to fulfilling the requirements of fulfilling the rest of the application requirements and submitting the documents correctly. Processing documents is another service that all our applicants will be receiving as part of their package, so its something they do not need to worry about!

Our entrance exam preparation material is hosted on our exclusive online portal. We have created resources such as textbooks and a library of videos specifically tailored towards the syllabus for Bulgarian medical universities.

Furthermore, we also have all the past papers and have created explanations to the answers and quizzes to further consolidate the learning process.

But we do not stop there! As always, we like to go the extra mile and we have held a crash course for our applicants before each entrance exam this year. Our Plovdiv entrance exam crash course was held before the June exam and also before the July exam. Our students found it particularly useful and got a chance to ask their questions to our team before the exam.

Our students performing extremely well in the entrance exam is nothing new. This is an achievement we have consistently delivered year after year. We have had students scoring up to 100% in both 2018 and 2019. We believe in providing quality support to maximise results!

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