Study Dentistry in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a lot to offer students of dentistry. From cheaper fees to lower entry requirements, the quality of education also makes it a strong choice.

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4 Reasons Why Studying Dentistry in Bulgaria Could Be Right For You

A lot of students work hard, get the grades they need but then hit a roadblock when it comes to finally gaining acceptance on a dentistry course in their native country. Bulgaria isn’t like that. You can study here, get an internationally respected qualification and start your career as a dentist without the unnecessary hold-ups.

In fact, there are a lot more reasons why studying dentistry in Bulgaria could be right for you. We’ll go into all the major ones here in this article.

You’ll learn:

  • What you can expect studying dentistry in Bulgaria
  • Why Bulgaria beats out other countries in terms of value for money
  • How you can still be competitive in an international job market after you graduate

Ready to learn more? Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

Top Quality English Language Instruction

Many students worry about having to learn Bulgarian in order to make it successfully on their dental degree inside of the country. But although that can certainly help, it’s not entirely necessary. Both your pre-clinical and clinical training will be delivered in an excellent standard of English, while a large number of your patients will be conversational too.

Of course learning Bulgarian can bring benefits. You’ll be able to better communicate with patients and it can definitely help open some extra doors. But not learning it to a high standard certainly shouldn’t put you off.

Plenty of international students graduate and go on to become successful dentists in the UK and beyond without fully mastering the language.

International Accreditation

Another big concern about studying in Bulgaria is whether your degree will be taken seriously outside of the country. The General Dental Council (GDC) of the UK however, does not discriminate between UK and foreign degree candidates. Applications are made via the same overseas route (Source).

In fact there are plenty of dentists (both Bulgarian and international) who go on to successful dental careers in the UK after having picked up their degrees in the country (Source). Work in independent practices has a level playing field when it comes to selecting dentists.

Your Bulgarian dental degree will not put you at a disadvantage.

Great Practical Training

Studying dentistry in Bulgaria is as comprehensive as it would be anywhere else in the world.

The first few years many of your classes will be theoretically based. You’ll be expected to learn all the core sciences (anatomy, physiology, pharmacology etc.) that make up an internationally renowned dental degree. Instruction will be of the highest standard with many of your professors internationally educated.

From there you’ll move into real practice. You’ll be guided in a clinical setting every step of the way. It’s not unusual to hear students graduating from Bulgarian universities with even more practical experience than others!

Attractive Living Costs & Tuition Fees

Studying dentistry in Bulgaria starts from £6,860 per year (depending on which university you apply to). That’s a very competitive price when compared to private schools in the rest of Europe. And considerably less than the current UK tuition fee of £9,250 per year (source).

Something that makes Bulgaria even more attractive however is its living costs. Here’s how Bulgaria’s living costs compare to the UK.


United Kingdom


Rent (per month average)



Groceries (average)

65.89% higher


Restaurants (average)




You’ll see you can live quite comfortably as a student there on much less than you’d need elsewhere!

Related Questions

What is the 6-Year Undergraduate Dentistry Course?

Here’s how it works studying dentistry in Bulgaria as an international student:

  • 6-Year undergraduate degree
  • 11 semesters and one semester internship
  • Academic modules and dental theory modules
  • Clinical modules in maxillofacial surgery, common procedures etc

You’ll find more information on this structured breakdown on our study dentistry in Europe page.

There’s also the option to study dentistry on an accelerated programme. Typically these take 3-4 years in length but depend on your previous qualifications.

What Universities Offer Dentistry in Bulgaria?

The best places to study dentistry in Bulgaria include:

Plovdiv, in particular, attracts many British students keen to practice dentistry back home.

What are the Undergraduate Entry Requirements?

Another thing that could make Bulgaria a fantastic choice when it comes to choosing where to study is it’s undergraduate entry requirements.

We’ve already discussed previously just how competitive dentistry can be in places like the UK (Dentistry vs. Medicine: Which Is Right For You?), in Bulgaria the entry requirements are usually lower.

Great news if you came up shorter than expected in your A-levels or stumbled in your university interviews!

Summary: Why Study Dentistry in Bulgaria

To wrap things up, studying dentistry in Bulgaria can be a great option for you if you’re looking somewhere cheaper and less competitive to study while still getting top-quality education.

You’ll come out with an internationally recognised degree that’ll help put you in a perfect position to explore a dental career in the UK or wherever else in the world that takes your fancy.

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