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Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Study Medicine in Europe

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Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Study Medicine in Europe

MedConnect Europe is proud to be one of the leading agencies providing opportunities to study medicine or dentistry in Europe and providing the most affordable agency fees to our students. We believe studying medicine in Europe is an excellent choice for many reasons. Here are a few of them that we think might interest you:  

1. Less competition means secured entry is possible!  

Every medical school applicant is well aware of the highly competitive nature of the application process for studying medicine at a university in the UK, USA or any other developed nation in the western world. So much so, that in the UK medical school applicants have an earlier deadline to submit their application compared to students looking to study other courses. There are roughly 10 applicants for every space available in the UK.   Applying to study medicine in Europe at a university in a country such as Bulgaria holds significantly less competition for international students. Studying medicine abroad has only recently started to become popular so the number of students applying is still lower than most universities in the UK or other countries in Western Europe. Although competition is increasing, you may still have a pretty good shot at securing a place to study medicine in Europe with the right help and guidance from MedConnect Europe!  

2. Cheaper living costs mean more for your money!  

Having a tight budget is a problem all medical students face around the world, no matter where you study. Being a student for 5+ years with little or no income can be extremely difficult but studying medicine in a country that gives a good exchange rate can be a silver lining.   If you are from the UK and decide to study medicine or dentistry in Bulgaria, you can get more than double your money from the local currency, the Bulgarian Leva! As I write this article, the exchange rate is 2.23 levs for every £1. Getting more for your money makes studying medicine in Europe a very attractive prospect!  

3. No UKCAT, BMAT, GAMSAT or any other difficult exams

Studying for A-levels or exams just before applying to medical school can be very stressful and to add another exam such as the UKCAT, BMAT or GAMSAT is not the cherry on top you probably need at the time. Juggling everything can also lead to lower marks on the medical school entrance tests and many medical schools in the UK consider these test scores to be vital in the application process. If taking these tests doesn’t float your boat or if you didn’t do so well in them, there is still the option of studying medicine in Europe!   Medical schools in Eastern Europe have their own entrance exams but they are no way as difficult as the ones in the UK. The entrance exams at universities in Bulgaria consist of A level knowledge of biology and chemistry. MedConnect Europe provides expert support and high-quality revision material to ensure you ace the entrance exam. Our entrance exam preparation is included in both our packages.  

4. Cheaper tuition fees mean debt-free graduation  

Now, this can be both a reason why you should study medicine in Europe but also might be a reason why it might not be the best option for everyone. Student loans are currently not available to international students and the course must be self-funded.   The tuition fees in Bulgaria currently range between 7,000 EUR to 8,000 EUR per year and are paid in two instalments, half each semester. This translates to roughly £6,000 a year which is more than 30% cheaper than British medical or dental schools.   If you find the tuition fees at European medical schools affordable then the good news is that you can graduate as a doctor or dentist completely debt-free! New doctors typically graduate with £82,000 of debt in the UK!  

5. A chance to explore the world whilst becoming a doctor or dentist

Travelling whilst you’re at university is probably the best time you will have to visit other countries in your entire life. You are not tied down by a job and you have regular breaks from university. If you are studying medicine or dentistry in Bulgaria, then the world is truly your oyster. Bulgaria is home to tall mountain ranges with ski slopes for the winter and has many beaches for relaxing in the summer.   Not only can you explore the wonders of Bulgaria but also the surrounding countries such as Greece and Turkey. Many students take short breaks to these countries over the holidays by regular coach services or by hiring a car with a group of friends. A coach journey from Sofia or Plovdiv to Istanbul in Turkey only costs 35 EUR for a return ticket making it a popular destination for international students over weekends and holidays!  

6. New culture means a new perspective  

As a healthcare professional you will be expected to deal with all sorts of different patients from many different countries around the world. Exposing yourself to a new culture can greatly improve your understanding of people from different areas and help with future patient interactions you will face upon returning home after graduation. Embracing a new culture can also expand your horizons and teach you about new languages, food, and much more! At first, it might be a little challenging and force you out of your comfort zone which is the case with anything new but overall it will be very rewarding and great practice for your future career!  

7. English course means no language barrier  

All our partner universities teach medicine and dentistry in the English language and professors and lecturers tend to have excellent proficiency in communicating in English. Many professors have even studied in the UK or take part in courses and conferences internationally.   Studying in the language you are most familiar with is very important whilst studying medicine or dentistry as you will be expected to learn and grasp new concepts very quickly due to the intensity of the course. Some patients may not speak English in which case you may need to brush up on your Bulgarian but overall you won’t have to deviate from speaking your home language whilst studying medicine in Europe too much!

8. GMC & GDC approved means no problem finding jobs  

Being able to practice as a doctor or a dentist is the only reason you will be studying the course in the first place. Which is why it is a good thing that all the courses that MedConnect Europe offers are GMC and GDC approved and you can work and build your careers in the UK after graduation without any problems.

MedConnect Europe provides complete Alumni Support as part of your advanced package. As part of our services, our students receive help with writing and building their CVs and also registered with the GMC or GDC. Around 12.5% of doctors currently working in the UK have graduated from institutions overseas and the demand for doctors keeps rising so the time has never been better to study medicine in Europe!

If you would like to be one of the thousands of medical and dental students currently studying medicine or dentistry in Europe then contact us today! Our admissions line is open 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can email us at info@medconnecteurope.co.uk

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