How to Deal with Homesickness whilst Studying Medicine Abroad

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No matter how excited you are about studying medicine abroad, it is natural to feel homesick if it’s your first time living abroad.

When moving to start studying medicine abroad, it goes without saying that the atmosphere is very different. Home is no longer a road trip away but in fact, on the other side of the world. For some this may be the first time in their life leaving home and adjusting to this new experience can be difficult. 

There is this expectation for the university to be the “best time of your life”, so it can be really difficult to try and meet this expectation in a completely new environment. 

If you’re suffering from homesickness or worry that you may, just remember you’re definitely not the only one.

So, here are some hacks that we hope will help you cope with homesickness whilst studying abroad!

Figure out YOUR routine whilst studying medicine abroad

Not having any structure to your day(s) and being bored is a great catalyst for homesickness. So, to avoid this, find your niche! 

Whatever you did to occupy yourself whilst at home, you need to do in your new home away from home. Join the gym, take up an after-university activity or even join a student society. Even the littlest of things such as keeping up with your regular TV shows or having your regular breakfast favourites.

Check out our page about University Life In Europe for more info! 

Stay in touch

Staying in touch with friends and family back home can help to ease any random anxiety that may creep up on you. With new-age technology this (but not too much!) has never been easier: We can text, talk and even video chat etc. 

Do not neglect communication altogether because this will only cause you to miss home even more! In addition, you never know when they might feel like paying you a visit. Conversely, give yourself a chance to find your own support network at university also by not PERSISTENTLY contacting family and friends back home.

Make Friends Whilst Studying Medicine Abroad

This journey is definitely not the easiest and at times it can be disheartening. But, one thing that I am convinced makes it worthy are the friendships you form. 

You are exposed to people from ALL over the world, different cultures, nationalities – the friendships that can be formed when you step outside your comfort zone is one of the best signs of personal growth that you will experience when studying medicine abroad in Europe. 

The more people you get to know and invest time with, the less homesick you feel! The experience is less intimidating!

You will have a chance to meet lots of other students in the same boat as you at the MedConnect Freshers Events. We organise these events to help break the ice in order to form new friendships!

Realistic expectations


This will not be like university experiences at your respective home countries, there will not be a wild party every day. Leave those expectations alone. As tempting as it would be to compare your experience with those of others around the world that you see on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook please try your hardest not to do this.

Everyone’s experience is different and just because yours isn’t anything like those that you may see or hear about doesn’t make yours any less of experience.. you will be studying Medicine after-all. Do not forget that social media only shows you what people want you to see and not the full picture. Your experience will be whatever you want it to be.

In conclusion, don’t immediately jump ship when things aren’t off to a great start because you miss home so much. Studying medicine abroad is a very big life adjustment, so take it easy and one day at a time. You will make it!

Remember you will also be in contact with a MedConnect representative to help you with any problems as part of our ongoing support. You always have somebody to reach out to when needed. 

Contact us on 020 8190 0310 or email our admissions team on You can fill out our contact form and our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible!

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